Cycling Study #1

I recently exhibited a new piece of work at Framewerk’s Annual Cycling Exhibition, which took place as part of Fred Festival and Belcycle in Belfast.

The piece is called Cycling Study #1. It’s a print and accompanying audio recording. In order to make it, I planned a cycle route around Dublin which included parts of Terenure, Rathgar, Rathmines, the Grand Canal and Harold’s Cross. I then cycled the route and recorded the sounds of my bicycle using contact microphones (thanks Jez Riley French for the lovely handmade equipment). The recordings are also binaurally spatialised, so they sound as if they’re coming points in space where they would actually be coming from if you were sitting on the bicycle, following the route.

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The Public Pulpit

On Saturday 17 March, I took part in Ben Weir’s event ‘The Public Pulpit‘, which took place as part of the Imagine Festival in Belfast.

Erected outside St Anne’s Cathedral and facing out onto Talbot Street, the pulpit was opened to the public through open call for presentations that reflected on the nature of the contemporary city.

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Umbrella in the Stairwell – Pictures and Video

Umbrella in the Stairwell, an event that I contributed to as a part of the Umbrella sound art collective, was by all accounts a raging success. Everyone that was involved did a fantastic job and we received a large audience that was really receptive to everything that we presented to them. Furthermore, we were able to successfully adapt the fairly unassuming space of a stairwell into a stage for performance and spectacle, utilising the room to create a unique listening and viewing experience.

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Umbrella in the Stairwell

Umbrella is Belfast-based sound art collective that recently started up a few months ago. They had their first public event HEAR YOUS on Culture Night 2017 (22 September). I’m happy to say that I’m joining the collective for their second public event, which is taking place in the stairwell of the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in Queen’s University, Belfast.

The night is going to consist of several performances from different members of the collective in different parts of the stairwell. There’s some pretty interesting things in the works for the event, including: choir performances based on electrical drones; transducers being place on stair bannisters; and much more.

On the night, I’ll be collaborating with Liam McCartan. He will be performing some of his recent compositions. I’ll being responding to his compositions using some audio-reactive visuals. It all feels pretty pretty exciting.

The event will take place on 12 December 2017 at 7:30pm. See you there!

Visual Artists’ News Sheet Sept/Oct Issue 2017

I’ve recently moved to Dublin to start working for Visual Artists Ireland, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping artists at all stages in their careers. For the past 20 years they’ve published a news sheet every two months. I’m the new Production Editor for the news sheet and we’ve just published the latest issue. It’s a special issue on painting that covers all areas of painting practice in Ireland and beyond. I’m really proud to have worked on it. It’s rammed with great articles, columns and reviews of painting exhibitions happening all over the place. It’s been a blast and a real education for me.

If you want to have a read of it, some the feature articles and critiques are available to read on our website. If you want a physical copy, you can become a member/friend of Visual Artists Ireland via their website.

I’ll let you all know when the next issue is out. It’s shaping up to be another good’un!

I am Sitting in a Vault – Pictures

Thanks to everyone who came down last Saturday for the performance of I am Sitting in a Vault. We all had an amazing time. I’m still pretty astounded we packed out the reception of the bank with people. I did not expect so many people to be interested.

Here’s some pictures that different people took from the event.

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