The Public Pulpit

On Saturday 17 March, I took part in Ben Weir’s event ‘The Public Pulpit‘, which took place as part of the Imagine Festival in Belfast.

Erected outside St Anne’s Cathedral and facing out onto Talbot Street, the pulpit was opened to the public through open call for presentations that reflected on the nature of the contemporary city.

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New Track: Spread

I’ve been in love with the horn part from Scott Walker’s song ‘Epizootics!’ for quite a while. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard. I’ve also been sort of obsessed with trying to work it into something else. I thought I could make a really banging techno track out it – but then I realised I don’t really know how to make techno that’s actually any good.

So, instead I decided to just use it as the basis for a ambient/noise-based composition. Taking the lead from the title of the song, I decided to try and make a piece that followed the time course of a disease outbreak. Rising from nothing, hitting a peak infection rate and then fading back into obscurity amongst the many other lifeforms vying for their chance to shine in the ecosystem.

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Field Recording

I got myself a Zoom H4n recently. I went for a walk around Clarendon Dock to try it out and see what it sounds like. I posted my sound walk up on the Belfast Sound Map website (which is maintained by Pedro Rebelo at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s University Belfast). You can listen to the sound walk I made here.

I’m going to keep capturing field recordings and hopefully work them into a larger project in the future. More on that in a while, I guess.