Field Recording

I got myself a Zoom H4n recently. I went for a walk around Clarendon Dock to try it out and see what it sounds like. I posted my sound walk up on the Belfast Sound Map website (which is maintained by Pedro Rebelo at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s University Belfast). You can listen to the sound walk I made here.

I’m going to keep capturing field recordings and hopefully work them into a larger project in the future. More on that in a while, I guess.


Intent Issue 2

I had the pleasure of doing some work for the magazine Intent this month. Intent is a Belfast-based magazine and podcast that profiles local artists across the island of Ireland. They’re now on their second in issue, which they launched in The Green Room, Black Box in Belfast on June 2. In the run-up to the launch, I made a few videos (and helped edit the magazine as well).

I made the videos using a patch in Processing, which took the pixel colours from the Intent logo and then painted them on black canvas, giving the impression of the logo being painted.  I edited this and inserted audio using Final Cut Pro X. You can watch the videos below.

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